Concept 51k

Design by Hartmut Esslinger - Produced by Wega Radio GmbH
Fellbach / Stuttgart [DE] 1979

There's a lot to be said for reducing the size of audio equipment to compact integrated units. Their biggest advantage is that they require stunningly little space. Wega have built such compact units for many years, but the present pack is an unprecedented example of how neatly and consistently the integrated system can be perfected. Functionally, the four audio components in this system are quite indipendent, but from a casing and aesthetic point of view they are all breaketed together by a joint chassis for the integrated amp, the tuner, the cassette deck and the turntable - the whole technology of it being enveloped as by a body stocking. The turntable cover has a see-through aperture in it so you can see the pickup and the record, but the controls are positioned outside so that you don't interfere with them while doing your thing.

One of the many outstanding gadgets in this compact unit is that some well-concealed circuitry will optimise the sound quality of incoming stereo signals. More precisely, it's called the ''ASS-Circuit'' and designed to automatically and continuously reduce the stereo effect from a remote transmitter to just that degree which is required to cut out noise, in other words, it's a matter of perpetually approaching or moving away from mono quality in line with the quality of the incoming signal. As a new option, Wega products can now be had in light grey instead of their traditional black. The Concept 51 K music centre is supplemented by a matching floor-based desk-type unit for greater operating convenience.

reference informations and monocrome images taken from
MD magazine | June 1979's Issue

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