Liquid Liquid / Interview
( Dennis Young )


Best known as the marimba player and percussionist for Liquid Liquid, a New York City post-punk/no wave band that was active from 80 to 83 on downtown Manhattan legendary 99 records (US)
Liquid Liquid was one of the bands who bridged the gap between rock's new wave and avantgarde funk, both staples of the New York avantgarde.
While they performed dozens of songs over a span of six years (formed in 1979, they will perform their last gig in 1985), their entire recording career consists in only three limited quantities Eps.
Often asked members of the audience to bring their own percussion to their gigs.
Once they were so impressed by Dennis Young talent on his marimba that they invited him to join.


Ciao Dennis. What you personally think was the worth of living your late 70's early 80's and that we missed.
DY : You missed a quite period in music history. After the punk revolution there was a need it seemed to go back to the feel of the music as in drums. percussion, & bass. This was especially felt in NYC. Also, there seemed to be more opportunites to play live back then

What can teach us something or make us curious, what you think has a value and worth not to be forget, a couple of images, places where you and bands use to play or precious people, differences with the present way of having fun and making music,
just a couple of things that can take us back to your experience.
DY : We Liquid Liquid really enjoyed playing in NYC with bands such as ESG, Konk, Y-Pants etc.. Also in Europe we had opportunity to play with Sonic Youth and various other euro bands. The crowds were really into us especially our first tour in Europe. I think the present day audiences especially NYC do not have places to go that they know they are always going to hear interesting music. Kids don't go to clubs because of the clubs for what they are anymore. You rarely see the same people.

Your interest in world music or the fact that you play various exotic instruments is an sensitive and open example to follow and appreciate.
Would you mention a couple of artists that you consider great and have infuenced you and should be listened to by the youngsters?
DY : The artists that have really influenced me have been artists such as Fela Kuti, Brian Eno, Bill Bruford, Jamie Muir, Steve Reich, Terry Reily, Morris Pert, Robert Fripp etc.. I was heavy into prog rock before Liquid Liquid Some of the records though that really got me into percussion were King Crimson-"Larks Tongue in Aspec", Fela Kuti-Zombie & Can-"Tago Mago". Jamie Muir & Bill Bruford were amazing on Larks Tongue in Aspec. Also, I saw Morris Pert in concert with Brand X that was a huge influence in percussion

Anything you want to say and have never said before? Something you feel might be intresting or useful 
DY : It was really luck and timing for me getting into Liquid Liquid. I was in a college music class with Richard McGuire ( Liquid Liquid ) I just purchased a marimba had no idea how to play it being that I was only a drummer at the time Richard had this poster that he showed me that he was arranging a jam session involving anyone with percussion instruments to come out to play not even knowing that I had a marimba I just purchased. So to make a long story short I went down to play and rest is history. So you never know.

Grazie Dennis

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