Strip Steve / Playlist
( Boys Noize Records, Bordeaux / Berlin )
( 7 / 5 / 09 )


Ciao Strip..spoke to you a couple of r you??
Really loved your selection and i'm wondering if you can make a playlist...around 15 tracks you really like. Oldies or nowadays stuff, not usual, hard to find..whatever you want anyway (you can even say a few words for each track)
Couple of questions:
How u find good music to play in djsets?
Few names of artists that had influenced you producing and how?


Here it is.
(I puted 20, in no particular order).
For your two questions i think the answer can be found in a more interesting way in my selection and what i say about it, rather than a non exhaustive list of names which are supposed to sound like my tracks.


1. Crystal & Taro Ishida - Initiative!
Track out of the brand new "Initiative! EP" on Institubes Nihon. Bobmo made me listen to their stuff a while ago when i was at his place and i really loved it. Doesnt sound like anything getting out right now, it's more old school electro, this track is a mixture between Hithouse - Jack to the sound of the underground, Alan Braxe, & an amiga soundtrack.

2. Fight for Love -It comes too early
A beautiful track from 2 of my good friends of the french band "Adam Kesher", doing this side project. It'll be released on the very promising label "Satelites of Love" with a great spacey slow mo remix of Mickey Moonlight. They sampled Werner Herzog movies, are fans of Arthur Russel and Green Velvet, and think their music is the new Michael Jackson.

3. Boys Noize - Jeffer
B-side of Boys Noize's new single to be released late June 2009. A track we started together at his studio because of a great sample we were having fun with, then put a twitched synth over it. After a couple of month he told me he actually finished it, and later, that he was going to release it on his single. Result is really strange cause it's a mixture of retarded cut up disco and nostalgic siren rave, with an obvious boys noize touch, which somehow fits really well...

4. Das Glow - A lighter Shade of Bright
A remix of his own song "Lite Brite" released on Institubes. The Lite Brite Remix EP (which i contributed also with a remix) is gonna be released begining of June. I absolutely love this version, slow moving Talkbox freestyle with arpeggios and keys. It's a beautiful ballad. Another aspect of Das Glow's great talent.

5. Dr Dog - Livin a dream
One of the best songs with "My Old Ways" of the nowadays american band Dr Dog. I chose this one cause of the theme developped, which i often thought about, whether it's for music or more widely, life. Check the speech at the end of the song i find very beautiful and well put.

6. Romanthony & Dj Predator - Do you wanna dance
No need to introduce this guy. I played this track in almost every of my set since i started mixing alone. It's simple and close to perfection in terms of efficiency, the very rough mix between the sample loop and the very bright shuffled beat is very characteristic of this ghetto house i love. One track in my new EP is a tribute to all these house ghetto gay beatmakers.

7. Serge Gainsbourg - Variations Sur Marilou
One of numerous awesome songs of Sergio. This one is out of his best album to me: "L'homme a la tête de Chou". I always loved listening to it walking in the streets, it's somehow very hypnotic but if you pay attention to all the different movements of rhythms and instruments there's a whole new dimension appearing. Now if you focus on the lyrics it's even better, very rough, poetic, and repetitive. The pattern is great. Everybody should be influenced by this ugly asshole.

8. Siriusmo - Nights off
Off his new 5 track EP "The uninvited Guest", out on Modeselektor's label. Siriusmo is one of my favourite producer at the moment. Especially for his melodic parts. I met him in Berlin when Boys noize played and i was really surprised cause he never goes out. He stepped to me to say hi and told me he liked my first EP. I think i became red as a lobster. Nothing to say about the track, listen to it. Really.

9. The Joubert Singers - Stand on the world (Larry Levan Mix)
Maybe the most beautiful song in the world. It's the song Justice made a tribute to when they made D.A.N.C.E. Butchered recently by a wannabe Justice mainstream copycat sadly. I love Larry Levan's dubs, the way he makes the songs evolve, it's always really slight and extatic. He also helped me a lot for samples with his special dj mixes of disco tracks, where he made each different parts shine separatly in the structure so that you can create longer mixes of em mixing with 2 turntables.

10. Vinyl Fever - Electronic for Children (Original 909 Edit)
Pfff perfect gimmick. Sharp. Hard. Mongoloid and very fun to listen to, i guess that's why they called it "Electronic for children". The drums are aslo very important in this track. Goofy dinosaur dancing on the dancefloor. Vinyl Fever are some of my favourite french producers with the Roulé & Crydamoure team and Jess & Crabbe. I played and will always play tracks from all thses guys. French legacy.

11. Bob James - Sign of the times
Massive song out of his album "Sign of the times", which Boys Noize just offered me for my birthday. He made me discover Bob James (shame on me), this weird funny moustached guy that makes contemporary disco jazz using samples. He has been sampled by pretty much ALL big rap producers, and this track has been sampled for the monument: "Regulate" of Warren G.

12. Ambassadors of Funk - Everybody
Track released on his album "Monster Jam" in 1988. Amazing groove. A killer dancefloor track. Everything is huge in it: the triplets piano keys, the overused voice samples chopped up perfectly like a beautiful salad, and the supergroovin breakbeats.

13. Blake Baxter - Sexuality
Whispers over a super massive ghetto beat. Grooviest hypno bassline you can do. The Arpegio sounds really weird with the rest to me, but it adds a gloomy disturbing note. I think i listened to it over 1236 times. Or something. Very filthy. Some of you might feel uncomfortable. Then it means you're not ready for house music and should go back to Ricarda Vilalabas and his delightful strawberry textures. Sexuality. Let your body be free.

14. Adam Sparkle & Dave P - Delaze (Strip Steve's 9 Minutes Journey to Salvation Mix)
A remix i did for 2 very cool american techno producers. Off their new EP out in June on "Satelites Of Love", label i mentioned earlier. The original is already acid, but i emphasized this side by doing a 303 line of my own, making the structure very slow to progress, with lots of drums. It's colder, harder & longer than what i make usually, but i needed this one as a sort of catharsis. It ends on a very gay ravey note, it's the salvation. You have to picture a naked black man elevating from the ground on the top of a mountain. If you see that man, then you got it.

15. Atlas Sound - Cold and Golden
I don't like all of Bradford Cox solo songs, far from it actually. But this one is a treasure. I think if was an heroin addict slug, this would be my favourite song to do my fix.

16. Bizarre Inc. - Agroovin'
Out of their album "Energique" which is just great from the first to the last track and contains all their classics. This track is special for me, the way it's structured and the way the parts are mixing between themselves. I'm particularly moved (and a bit jealous) when i hear the begining. It's perfection to me.

17. Rhythim is Rhythim - Strings Of Life.
For sure my favourite track of Derrick May. Evenmore, maybe my favourite Techno track of all times. When i discovered it between my hundreds of Soulseek folders, i literaly stopped and stared. I can't compare it to any other track i know. My favourite memory was when i got out of a big exam at University 3 years ago, exhausted, i was the first one to leave the room. I just lied down on the grass, sun in my face, lit a cigarette and played this song. I think that's the moment i knew what were my priorities in life. (smoking cigarettes).

18. Joel & Garlo - Supermarket Girl.
I sampled bits of this track and used em in a couple of my track and remixes. It's out of a 7 inch released in 1984. It's a duo of french new wave pop. I dig a lot of the old french pop, it's one of the best in the world with Taxi Girl, Elli & Jacno, Lio etc... A very close friend of mine gave me this record because Garlo is actually his father. He did a lot of different stuff, including a Big Beat album and an experimental one around guitars played only by the wind on top of the famous "Dune du Pyla" (next to Bordeaux, my hometown). He also invented a genre called "Earth Music" that is supposed to break all musical categories, to focus only on people creating sounds all around the planet. It's a living legend, and i am very proud i had the chance to meet him in his studio.

19. KMD - What a niggy know.
Blasting track from one of my most classic rap album "Black Bastards" from early years MF DOOM band with his brother, that died shortly afterwards. This album was my favourite "corridors between 2 classes" and "bell ringing out of school" music. Everytime i hear this track i can't help but frown, stick my lips out and jump everywhere like i'm retarded. Put just the 3 first seconds of this track in a party where my friends are and watch the result.

20. Joe Smooth - They want to be free.
One of my fav track of Joe Smooth (released in 1989). Very Powerful. Epic dance journey to the "brousse". It's about south african people dreaming of freedom. Oyé Oyé. South Africa. Open your eyes and see the truth.

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