Adonis / interview
( Chicago, Illinois )


Adonis, often referred to as Acid Budda; Jack Frost; and The King of Bass lines.

Born and raised on the West Side of Chicago, was introduced to all forms of music at a young age. His love for music led to his attendance and study of contemporary jazz and orchestrations at the American Conservatory of Music in downtown Chicago.

Adonis was responsible for the birth of Acid House, by both producing/co-producing the first Acid House classics to be put on vinyl and by being the first in Chicago to use the TB303 to create such classics. I've Lost Control (Space Mix)" was the 1st Acid/Space Track released on vinyl from Chicago in 1986. He didn't name the sound "Acid". He named the sound "SPACE". I've Lost Control was released in 1986. “Phuture - Acid Track” was released in 1987.
“No Way Back”, “Lack of Love”, “We’re Rockin’ Down the House”, “Tom Tom”, “Two the Max”, and “The Poke”, just to name a few hits.

Adonis also received a House Music award for being the very first House Music artist to sign with Jive Records. He was also responsible at that time for using his influential position to encourage Jive to sign the following artists also to their label (unbeknownst to them): Mr. Lee, DJ Pierre, Darryl Pandy (who rejected Jive’s offer), and Liz Torres.


How old were you when you started to develop your own particular sound?
A : 20

Did any influence led you to develop your sound?
A : Yes, The study of Jazz. I used to listen to recordings from all the great Jazz artist from the be-bop era.

What do you remember of those years that wont happen again?
A : The freedom to throw parties almost anywhere you desire. Nowadays you have to have a permits and insurances to throw a simple house party.

Would you be able to explain what use to happen in a club in those years and what has changed today?
A : Nothing has changed really.The only change i can see is the people are different, the clubs are different. The older clubbers are doing other things with their time now. I was just talking to a friend a few days ago. I asked him will he be going out this weekend? His answer was "No, I'm burned out and getting old".

How was your life in those years?
A : Exciting, Not one dull moment.

What can't be missed in Chicago nowadays?
A : I don't think there's nothing in Chicago that's not worth your attention. Chicago has gotten better every year. Chicago is a very clean and innovative city.

What are you up to in this period?
A : promoting my clothing line.

Something you love to do in your city?
A : I love to going to live musicals in any genres.

I am very curious to understand what kind of person you are. Would you be able to describe yourself in a few words even with an anecdote?
A : I'm a very friendly guy that loves to create and share musical ideas. I think that's one one of my biggest habits I love sharing. I trust others to much.

Anything you feel might be useful or interesting?
A : Yes, everyone that read this interview go buy 5 of my t shirts right now!

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