Musĭca # 1

Codek > Tim Toum
(Island Records, France, 1982 — Cult classic "Tim Toum" is a stripped down locky amb-tribal groove: produced by Jean-Marie Salaun as Codek).

Will powers > Adventures in success
Will powers > Adventures in success (Dub copy)
(Island records, 1983 — Will Powers was the stage name used by celebrity photographer Lynn Goldsmith. Written with Robert Palmer and Sting).

Shriekback > My spine (is the bassline)
(Y Records, 1982 — No Guts, No Blood: No Brains At All)

Chocolate star > The pop
(Chocolate star records, 1982 — Poduced by eccentric Gary Davis in its early '80s New Jersey days).

Material > Discorse
(Celluloid, 1981 — Experimental punk-jazz-funk-noise-electro NYC band, founded in 1978 by bassist Bill Laswell and keyboard player Michael Beinhorn. Material produced for Afrika Bambaataa, Herbie Hancock and Nona Hendryx).

Aksak Maboul > Mastoul Alakefak
(Crammed disc, Belgium, 1981, featured in "Onze Danses Pour Combattre La Migraine" album).

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