Nicola Delorme
( Paris )



"The use of polaroid became obvious as i planned to perform my own exhibition Technically, I meant to scan the film in high resolution, to extend it as much as possible, then to print it to display the picture in a bigger size. The models are mainly artists, some of whom mainstream, the others, unknown characters, under-age hipsters or forty-year-somethings, former happy fews. Neutral close up or deviant portraits.
Three reasons to use polaroid: technical/emotional/aesthetic: the first one for quick shooting performance, instantaneousness of the result and its materialization in an all-digital an all-virtual world. Secondly because it is both old school and hip for the youth and the medium of a childhood nostalgia for the forty-something. Thirdly for the scare form that is the most appropriate for the portrait. The rough neutral visuals with the inner flash. Besides, the intemporality of the polaroid helps the portrait being abstract and somehow more objective, less in need of a context."

Bisou — Nicola.

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